Travel to Isan, cross to Laos and Amazing River Kong of Asia

เที่ยวอีสานเมืองไทยข้ามไปสบายดีเมืองลาว ตระการตาชายโขงแห่งอาเซียน (1)edit2

Thailand and Laos are brothers for a very long time because we have the commented borders only the forest in between and the River Kong on the Northeastern side. Today we will travel along the Kong River to explore the way from Thailand to Laos.

First, start from Chaing Kan in Loei Province, which opposite to the city of Sanakam, Vientiane. Every one now know the famous small city of Chiang Kan as it has its own charm of natural beauty and great view of Kong River , so it is one of the slow life small towns before going to Sanakam,Loas.

เที่ยวอีสานเมืองไทยข้ามไปสบายดีเมืองลาว ตระการตาชายโขงแห่งอาเซียน (2)edit2

Second, Ta Saded at Nong Kai province which leads to Vientiane. You cannot miss to pay respect to Prasai Buddha image and shop at the Ta Saded market to try special food called Nam Nuang. If you have more time, you can also visit Prathat Luang in Sri saket province , PraKaw Tower and other important place in Laos.

Third, Bungkal province is newest province of Thailand and opposite of Paksun city in Bolikamsai, Laos. It is full of natural resources from the Kong River and one of the best spot for sunset. Ahhong Bay is believed to be the deepest point of the Kong River that makes the whirlpool in the middle of river. Then you can cross to Laos to see Sun River where it comes together with the Kong River.

เที่ยวอีสานเมืองไทยข้ามไปสบายดีเมืองลาว ตระการตาชายโขงแห่งอาเซียน (3)edit2

Fourth, Nakon Panom Province cross to the Takak city in Laos where you can find the civilization of Maruk Nakon before you really enter the city of Takak in Kam Muan District. It is the small city in Laos with is good for adventurers as there are many caves to explore such as Cave Pra, Cave Phapa, Cave Nang An, Cave Pra In, Cave Chaing Reab and Cave Kong Lor which is the high light of this place.

Fifth, From Mukdaharn to Sawannaket , Mukdaharn is a popular small town for ones who love the rocky hills. The Paterb Hill is the one you cannot miss as it ages for 95 million years with the complex rocks arrangment making its an amazing destination. Then, lets travel to Sawannaket in Laos where the ancient Prathat Ing Hang located. There also is an casino for ones who like gambling.

Sixth, Chanuman which opposit of Zaiphuthong in Sawannaket, Chanuman is the small district with the calm and quiet atmostphere. It is even beautiful as Chiang Karn and now become one of the most popular by the Kong River side that you must try.

เที่ยวอีสานเมืองไทยข้ามไปสบายดีเมืองลาว ตระการตาชายโขงแห่งอาเซียน (4)edit2

Seventh, Chong Mek in Ubonrachathani to Paksei in Laos, you can see the beautiful rocks along the river that over your imagination like Mickey Mouse or the moon. Also, Sampanbok and shopping at Chong Mek market are good activities to do as well as pay respect to Pra yai on Pusalao Temple. The Big Kon Papeng Waterfall is a must of this trip.

The River Kong is the main river that is very important to many countries which connect the traditions and cultures. Don’t be hesitate to visit it once in your life to feel the serene of life and body.