Travel in Philippines, the wonderful land in ASEAN

Philippines is the country that consists of little and big Islands for 7,000 islands. It is located in Pacific Ocean and it is also the country that has various cultures and ethics. In tourism, it is another country that is rich of natural resources and beautiful and popular tourist attractions; mountains, beaches, precious architectures as follows;

  • Manila is the capital city of Philippines. It used to be the important stronghold of Portugal in the past. There are many historical tourist places, particularly, the architecture that still remains from the past such as Intramuros, San Agustin church, Manila cathedral, and natural tourist attraction; Manila Bay.
  • Banaue Rice Terraces. It is a world cultural heritage on Luzon Island in the north of Philippine. It is around 2,000 years old built by indigenous people (Ifugao tribe) in order to spread the area for agriculture. Besides, it can help preserve the topsoil, impound rainwater, and prevent flooding. It is the beautiful rice terraces which attract many tourists to always visit and see this wonder rice terraces.
  • Cebu Island is located in the south of the country. It is the second biggest city compared with Manila which is surrounded with many little and big Islands. It is the port city that consists of various mixed cultures. The distinctive point of Cebu Island is the snorkeling activity to see the colorful coral reefs and the extraordinary creatures under the sea. It is also attractive due to the wonderful white sand lies down on the white beach with the light blue sea.

  • Boracay is a little Island which is located far away from Manila and Cebu only an hour when traveling by plane. According to the conveniences of traveling, in each year, there are increased tourists who like to visit here for diving, sailing, and surfing. There are not only the beach activities or marine attractions, but also, especially in the night, there are many little lovely café for sitting in and absorbing the atmosphere and the enjoyment.
  • Bohol is the southern province of Cebu Island. There are many natural attractions and the most eminent one is Chocolate Hills at Carmen town (Carmen). Chocolate hills are the hills that have similar size arranged throughout the Island for 1,200 hills. The beautiful duration of time of Bohol is in autumn which leafs will change their color from fresh green to fresh orange and in summer all hills will change their color to be brown like the color of chocolate. Besides, there are other tourist attractions in Bohol such as the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary including boating activity to see fireflies at Abatan River.

Philippines is also another country in ASEAN where there are a lot of things for tourists to visit and explore which it is believed that all people will be fully impressed with tourist attractions in Philippines.