Travel on Route AH18, along the South China Sea to Su-ngai Kolok

Travel on Route AH18, along the South China Sea to Su-ngai Kolok

Although the coastal route along the South China sea or Kelanan state may not be as popular as coastal East Sea, it has its unique attractiveness that builds up impressive feeling when you visit.

Route AH18 starts at Hat Yai until Jahor Bahru, Malaysia where it crosses with Route 43 from Hat Yai to Nong Chik and Route 42 from Nong Chik to Su-ngai Kolok.

Head from Su-ngai Kolok, along the coastal route of South China Sea, through Kota Bharu, Dungun of Kuala Terengganu until you reach Kelantan, turn right and head further to reach the capital city of Malaysia, Kula Lumpur too. Hence, you can drive in circle, starting from Su-ngai Kolok along the South China Sea and turn to Kuala Lumpur, then, head north along the West Sea until you reach Sadao’s border which approximately takes about 500 kilometers.

Travel Recommendation when driving on Route AH18, 3 days 2 nights

Visit the view of coastal area at Kelanan, the land of peacefulness

Day 1: Start at Hat Yai and drive along Routes 43 & 42 in order to get to Route AH18 at Su-ngai Kolok which is the entrance to Malaysia’s border. Head towards Kota Bharu of Kelanan State which is a quiet coastal town. There are not many tourists like other cities, you can drive around the town for sightseeing before you continue to Kuala Lumpur to rest.

You can visit the signature architectures of the town and the Petronas Twin Towers, the unmissable landmark before heading to China Town at night.

Day 2: There are many places that you can pay a visit at Kuala Lumpur, and you can go around the city from day to night, which is full off night lights such as Istana Negara or King Palace. Absorb the beauty of the great architectures and continue with the Petronas Twin Towers, the major landmark of Malaysia which located in CBD and surrounded by large parks. There are trendy department stores beneath the buildings such as Isetan and Educational Museum too.  When approaching the night, you are recommended to visit Petaling Street or China Town of Malaysia where there are Chinese, Malaysian and Indian people there. It is one of the area that contain mixture of cultures where the tourists often like to take a walk.

Buy souvenirs from the market at Merdeka Square before heading back

Day 3: Visit Merdeka Square in the morning, a place where Malaysia was renowned of being Independent from England where it is a beautiful architectural building and one of the major tourist attractions of Malaysia. Then, go around the town and buy some souvenirs from Central Market. And then, travel back by heading towards Sadao’s border and Hat Yai without using the same route.