Travel to Singapore, explore the beauty of the most modern and hygienic country in the world

Republic of Singapore is a small island nation which is one of the potent countries in the world. Singapore has just celebrated its 50th birthday in 2016. It is a quick growing developing country, becoming the most prosperous country in Southeast Asia. Singapore has very strict law, causing its economy to thrive. The residences are modern, attracting investors from around the world to come to work and live. Singapore is also known as the most hygienic country in the world. Let’s see the places to visit in Singapore in followings.

– Marina Bay

Marina Bay is the most famous tourist attraction in Singapore. It is located at the estuary edge of Singapore. It is the place where located the Merlion statue, the symbol of Singapore. Merlion means sea lion. It is a statue of a lion head with a fish caudal fin, standing on the crest of a wave. There also tall buildings, hotels, shops, restaurants, movie theaters, premier theaters, resorts, and the Marina Bay Casino. The Marina Bay is the heart of the city which connects to other attractions and downtowns.

– Orchard

Orchard area was once a street of agriculture, full of pepper and spices plantations, but now Orchard becomes the main shopping street of Singapore. Along 2.2 kilometers of Orchard, there are malls, shops, restaurants and hotels. Tourists may find anything they want in Orchard: foods, clothes, cosmetics, IT products and stuffs. Even though the products there may not be very cheap, the quality of them is not a second best.

– Garden by the Bay

Garden by the Bay is the world biggest botanic garden, one of Singapore’s prominent landmarks. Its area covers over 101 hectares (250 acres). There is a collection of plants from around the world to exhibit here. The area is divided into three sub-gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. The fee is required to get in the park. Outside the Garden by the Bay, there is a large park where opens to everyone for free. That is where located the Supertree Groove, another beautiful landmark of Singapore.

– Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is a place for night life hanging out, located at the estuary edge of Singapore. There are a lot of restaurants, night clubs, pubs and playthings. They have a variety of international foods at Clarke Quay, and they open at both day and night. The night at Clarke Quay is always bustier than in daytime. Tourists sure will enjoy getting a drink, listening to all kind music, or a nice walk while watching the city light.

There are two options way to go to Singapore from Thailand. First, tourists can catch a train and get off at Malaysia. There, they can get a car ride to Singapore. This option will take several days. Another choice is the airplane direct flight from Don Mueang Airport or Suvarnabhumi Airport to Singapore. There are several airlines available, and this will tale only 2 hours and 25 minutes.