Travel to Taman-Negara National Park in Malaysia

Taman – Negara National Park is the first and the oldest official Protected Area in the country. It was declared to be National Park in 1957 and has a total area of 4,300 square kilometers. So, there are big mountains, greenery forests, an abundant along the river and various ecological diversity. Hence, Taman Negara is the oldest primary rainforest in the world and it is also be the biggest National Park in Malaysia.

Taman Negara National Park is the perfect place if you love tropical rainforest and outdoor activities. Make sure you pay a visit to this National Park to experience all these activities as following:

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Observing Wildlife in Night Safari – To experience the best jungle and rainforest surrounding in this National Park, you will see various kind of wildlife animals such as elephant, buffalo, Asian Tapir, deer, wild boar, snake, various kind of monkeys..etc. Staying overnight in one of the wildlife observation hides, To observe wildlife in night safari is very popular among the visitors who love adventure by staying overnight at Simple huts which built high above the ground allow guests to catch opportunities to observe animals at night in their natural habitat. Furthermore, there are numerous resorts, ranging from basic guesthouses to nice resorts to serve for the tourists.

The Canopy Walk – The canopy walk is also be a highlight for the visitors who love nature, it is offering a fantastic close up view of activity in the rainforest canopy. The Canopy Walk is the long suspension bridge between high treetops and it was claimed to be the longest canopy walkway in the world. You can walk over it, and enjoy spectacular views at heights of over 45 meter. Or you can use it as bird observation view point also as there are many types of birds.

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Cave Exploration – Cave exploration either by boat or by foot is also available. There are many caves within the Taman-Negara National Park but mostly there are floating water inside the cave. It is hard for the visitors who never try jungle trekking, so they provide boat ride service to take you inside to explore the cave.

Sakai Village Tour – To observe the Sakai Tribal lifestyle leading by local guide tour who will bring the visitors to see Sakai lifestyle and culture. To learn how they hunt and survive in the wild.

Camping and fishing – There are many beautiful rivers are filled with a wide variety of fish such as carp fish. So, the park also provide the space for camping, relaxing outdoors and fishing. The visitors so much enjoy with all of these activities and especially in every February – March.