Traveling around Lombok Island

Lombok island is located on east of Bali in area of Nusatengka province. This island names “Lombok” which means chili in Java. A well-known characteristic of this place is mountain terrain and also volcano. Most of area there is still quiet nature. This place is not that famous comparing with Bali but there is lots of tourist attraction based on these following suggestion

Gunung Rinjani is an active volcano with its beautiful landscape then it is named Queen of Lombok. It has 3,726 meters height and it is famous destination of climber around the world. If you’re not ready to climb, you can feel a fascinated atmosphere by exploring a forest and many villages for whole year. This will make you having impression and traveling experience.

Beloam beach is a beach with quiet atmosphere like a private beach. An itinerary to this beach is difficult so this make a beach still clean and beautiful. There is different color between green sea and blue skies. That make you feel comfortable. A unique characteristic is a swing in sea which tourists can take a photo for memory. This beach is priority for tourist who avoid crowd to relax. When sunset glow, you’ll feel sight-seeing in the evening. It is so romantic while watching star at night.

Mataram is a capital of Lombok Island which has beautiful different place for tourist to travel for example Pura Meru which is a large Hinduism temple with unique architecture. This temple was built for worship Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. It includes three temples and more than 30 Jedi. In the other hand, there are Narmada Park for relaxing and doing exercise, a historical museum Negeri that shows tons of antique and also Mataram mall.

The tourist place that you’ve read above is just one of attractive part of Lombok Island. It is worth-visiting. Its location near tropical line make Lombok having hot and humid weather for whole year. The best moment to go is on May until September.