Traveling to Tioman Island, Malaysia

Tioman Island is a small island, which has a 39 km wide and 12 kilometers long and located in the State of Pahang, which is located on the coast of the South China Sea, Malaysia. It is approximately 56 kilometers away from the city of Pahang. Tioman Island had previously been selected from Time Magazine to be one of the most beautiful island of the world in 1970 and had been used as a filming location for the Hollywood music movie ; South Pacific, in 1959.

Nowadays, Tioman Island, currently known as a place for holiday and relaxation with a beautiful surrounding atmosphere, and there are various tourism activities on this island as well.

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There are many popular activities on Tioman Island including diving and snorkeling. Most of the hotels and resorts have to provide everything to support the tourists and this is included a short course for diving lessons such as a 4-days course for the tourists who have never experienced diving before but would like to try diving on the Tioman Island where there are many diving points to see the beauty of the underwater world and the beautiful abundant coral.

In recently, climbing and trekking become famous activities. This is because there are mountains and forests that remain natural on Tioman Island and it’s suited for those activities. There are many local tour company which provided for tour plan and tour guide; who experts on mountain climbing and trekking trails, to support and take care for the tourists as well. For example, climbing to Kajang Mountain which is the highest mountains on the island and it is 1, 038 meters high. There are two routes to walk up to the hill from Kampung Paya and Kampung Juara and the tourist must have a local guide to lead the way and the tourists themselves need to get their body ready for climbing and prepare for hike-training several times. It has spent the entire trip around 10 hours or the tourists can spend overnight in the camping at the area which provided before going back down the next day also.

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Furthermore, there are many interesting activities to support the tourists in order to provide them a great experience. Whether it be outdoor sport like a standard golf course with surrounded by a beautiful scenery. Or enjoy water sports such as canoeing and kayaking. Riding a motorcycle to sightseeing around the island or riding a bicycle along the bike route. The tourist can enjoy all of these activities with reasonable prices. In other words, we can say that “Tioman Island” is a paradise for tourists who love nature as because it forms of tourist attraction ie; sea, forest and mountains. The important thing is the cost of living here is not very high.