Trippers really need more for the journey time at Danang EP.2

The last time we mentioned about the beauty of Danang port city, in term of the beach atmosphere and the seaside mountain. This time, we still stay continuously for journeying at Danang in the mainland.

Cao Daai Temple is an antique temple, gaining century age. The civilization and various beliefs are integrated to be faithful temple which contains of the architecture and the ceremony as the original local standard. The Buddha image hall has the extra-large chapel pattern which at the front shows all of the instructor statues. Moreover, the tourists can watch the religious ceremony and the adherents’ praying. At the second and third floor of balcony are set for watching the ceremony. The important sign of this temple is the globate shape which has the eyeballs with the sun aura surrounded, placing on the middle of an altar.

Han River is the main economic river which flows through the center of the city. As the beauty of the stream, the big and small size of mountain ranges, the abundant spinney including the riverside houses, which are harmonious with the scenery, made the cruise to view the attractiveness of Han River, is one of Danang touring highlights. Finally, don’t miss for watching the beautiful light at the Dragon Bridge passing over Han River which there is the light spraying shows during weekend as well.

Art craft fans must visit at the Museum of Cham Sculpture. Because of there are a collection of variety of Hinduism graven images and ancient artifact of Cham origin from the fourteenth-fifteenth century which inside the museum was arranged a great exhibition of antiques and the Cham history. It was regarded as the greatest center of Cham Art in the world as well.

Go snuffing the ozone at the Ba Na hills, the best resort of Central Vietnam. During taking the cable car, you will see the beautiful scenery before go finding out with the amusement park in the fairy tale town, the fantasy park. The last, it concludes with the Buddha image worship for strengthen fortune.

The Hai Van Tunnel is an approximately 6,280 meters long mountain pass on National Rout 1A in Vietnam. Transport passing through the tunnel made the traffic flow and safe, you’ll reach to the city within an hour. Whereas some tourists chooses to drive along the uphill road, for visualizing the beautiful landscape of Danang Sea, is the bonus journeying. It counts as rewarding and if you are leisure should go for it.

Quang Minh Temple regard as the landmark of Danang, in case of missing for visiting here is considered that you are out of reach there. At this place is the location of the biggest Buddha image in the central Vietnam. The image of Buddha is white and 36 meters high, there are the ancient Buddha images which are venerable of the Danangians, place in the Buddhist monastery and hall as well. The internal temple consists of many buildings which were constructed as Vietnam architecture offering you to behold. Apart from Quang Minh Temple, there are more two interesting temples are Pru Da Temple and Phap Lam Temple. The first one temple, Pru Da is an immemorial temple which is beautiful architecture, and offers the peaceful atmosphere. Another one, Phap Lam holds the large-size Katyayana (in Thai he is called Phra Maha Katchaina) that is appropriate for go worshipping for fortune.

Danang is regarded to be one of the scenery towns of Vietnam. There are many tourists attraction, such as; nature traveling, the sea aura enjoying, the Buddha image worshipping, or taking on the cable car for go spending time at the amusement park. Here offers everything you need, also suits all walks. In case of planning for the next trips and listed Danang city in your mind, making sure you get ready for a long trip in Danang. Because of, you really need more than one day for traveling happily in Danang.