Ultimate food guide to yummy food near Bangkok’s BTS part 2

The Ultimate food guide to local Thai food near Bangkok’s BTS is back with another 6 BTS station and its best local restaurant. We would like to let you know that traveling by BTS in Bangkok is probably the easiest and cheapest way to get around. Therefore, make sure you visit at least one of the place in this list to treat your tastebud with the best food in ASEAN.

Ekamai station

If you ask Thai locals what they usually have for quick lunch, it is likely that they will tell you about ‘cooked-to-order’ food. 15 Minutes walk from Ekamai station Nhong Rim Klong offers simple and delicious cooked-to-order Thai food for you.

Ratchadamri station
Street food hunting can be a fun activity, but what is the point if you cannot find anything yummy at the end of the hunt? This nameless deep fried pork chop shop, located in front of Big C shopping center, offers you what the locals call ‘ultimate’ of street food.

Saphan Thaksin station
Tip Hoytod Phukaofai
cooks one of the best oyster and mussel pancakes that we have ever tried. Located only 2 minutes walk away from the station, as well as being cheap and fast, this shop is a must-go.

Wongwian Yai station

Feeling like hot pot or noodle? Viethotpot locating just only below Wongwian Yai station may have some queue, but we guarantee it’s worth the wait.

Wongwian Yai station
If noodle doesn’t really satisfy your need, Somsak PuOb is a home of street seafood lovers. Specialising in steamed crab, and locating not too far from the station, this shop is one of the most popular shops among the locals.

Saladaeng station

Moo Ping Hia Uan knows BBQ pork skewer. It is so good that the shop only offer one menu; BBQ pork skewer. Located on Soi Convent, in front of 7-11 on Silom road, the hunt may take sometimes for non-local, but we promise the reward is worth it.

Here, we conclude the ultimate food guide to yummy food near Bangkok’s BTS. Enjoy eating!