Visit Da Nang, a Scenery and Economic City of Vietnam

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Da Nang is an important major port city located almost at the south of the centre of Vietnam between the South China Sea and the central highland. It is the fourth biggest city of Vietnam which is grew fast in aspects of the size and the significance. It is also one of the five direct-controlled municipalities of Vietnam. Da Nang, moreover, has many popular tourist attractions appealed foreigner to visit.

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1. Ba Na Hills is a popular place of Da Nang, it is a hill station and resort which have restaurants, accommodations and Fantasy Park within. The highlight activity is to sit in the cable car recorded for the highest and the longest non-stop single track in the world. Moreover, tourists can be satiated with 360 degrees sightseeing at Ba Na Hills Station.

2. Museum of Cham Sculpture is the biggest Cham Arts museum located in the centre of Da Nang, it is the museum that collects more than 300 pieces ancient Cham’s arts; art objects and graven images of Hindu in 14th-15th century. The museum was built in 1915 and it was expanded in 1939 by The École Française d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO), a French institute dedicated to the study of Asian societies.

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3. Lang Co Beach is a peaceful and very beautiful beach as there are not too many of tourists. Anyway, tourists who take accommodations in town can take a round trip train rides in order to visit the beach within a day. As Lang Co beach is quite peaceful, tourists who love vivacious lifestyle are recommended to visit China Beach, a lido for American soldier in the past, instead. Lang Co beach, nowadays, becomes the tourist attraction for Vietnamese and foreigners in sunbathing, swimming in the sea and doing water activities.

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4. Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda or Lady Buddha Temple is a religious tourist attraction of Da Nang where has placed a massive, beautiful and holy Guan Yin statue. The buildings inside the temple, harmoniously, were built in Chinese architecture. Besides this temple, there are 2 equally famous temples which are Cao Dai Temple and Quang Minh Temple.

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5. Hàn River is a beautiful river flowed through the centre of Da Nang, with this topography; it can gain an advantage on international freight shipping and this led Da Nang being the major port city instead of Hoi An. Over Hàn River, there is the Dragon Bridge, a symbol of Vietnam’s new success, connects 2 banks of the river together. The Dragon Bridge is 666 meters long with 6 lanes for traffic. Body of the dragon is decorated with more than a thousand LED light bulbs shined beautifully at night.

Direction to Da Nang

-Land route from Bangkok, tourists can take a bus at Mo Chit Bus Terminal going to Mukdahan province of Thailand. Then take a bus going to Savannakhet province of Laos, continuing going to Hue province of Vietnam and take another bus getting the destination to Da Nang.

-By air, there are many airlines providing direct flights to Da Nang.