Visit festival and traditional events of 10 ASEAN countries

In 10 ASEAN countries, a part of beautiful and unique attractions for tourists to visit, there are important festival and traditional events that show the history and culture of each country which also is a popular activity for tourists. There are interesting festivals as follows;

1. Gawai Dayak festival in Malaysia. It is the harvest festival of indigenous peoples which they will wear their tribal uniform to attend the celebration and to worship their gods in order to be thankful for the agricultural fertility. The festival will be held at Dayak community, Sarawak state, Malaysia in June annually.

2. Hari Raya festival in Brunei. It is the festival that sultan of Brunei will open his palace for people to felicitate due to the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festival. There will be thousands of people and foreign tourists come to visit the palace and greeting one another. This festival will be held in August annually.

3. Water festival in Cambodia. This festival will be held in November annually by having a celebration with long boat racing and beautiful fireworks at the lake called “Tonle Sap”.

4. Boun Khao Pa Dab Din festival in Laos. This festival, normally, will be held in October annually. Khao Pa Dab Din is rice, food, dessert with betel and bananas. They will be taken to place under the tree or the ground and temple wall for making a merit to ancestors including hungry ghosts that also need merits.

5. Barong Dance in Bali. Barong Dance is a performing art in Bali that tourists can find a chance to watch when visiting Bali Island. It is a battle story of wickedness and goodness. Barong is a lion-human creature represents the goodness and Rangda, the wizard, represents the wickedness which finally the goodness will win the battle.

6. Pagoda festival in Myanmar. This festival will be held in October annually after the end of Buddhist lent day. This festival is set as a fun celebration and it is a chance for Burmese people and tourists who join this festival to make a merit together

7. Sinulog festival in Philippines. Sinulog festival is held in honor of Santo Niño. There will be a musical performance and fancy parade around Cebu city. This festival is held in January annually.

8. Tet festival in Viet Nam. This festival will be held annually in the end of January to the beginning of February. It is the New Year celebration according to the belief of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism. It is also a festival for respecting ancestors as well.

9. New Year festival in Singapore.In every year during the time of welcoming the New Year, in Singapore, there will be a celebration decorated with lights in town and buildings including the fireworks countdown for the New Year.

10. Songkran’s Festival in Thailand. It is the festival that is held annually in April in order to continue the ancient tradition by organizing a Miss Songkran Pageant and splashing water for relaxing and fun in the hottest month of the year.