Visit impressive ASEAN, the easternmost of Siam

Ubon-Ratchathani is a province in “Isan,” it is a charming town located at the easternmost of Siam and has a long history more than 200 years. It is convenient to travel here even by car or airplane, and plenty of accommodations being ready for welcoming. Many tour companies, in addition, prompt to guide travelers to every attractive place. Either traveling with guided tour or by your own, travelers completely feels happy. Consequently, this town is always busy by visitors. So, let’s go to the Lotus Town, Ubon Ratchathani.

Balance your life, Impress the beauty, and be happy with natures of Ubon Ratchathani

Start a new day by watching sunrise at Pha Chanadai in Pha Taem National Park. Take photos with pinus markusii trees at the cliff and sightsee the impressive vision of Mekong River together with a background of overlapping mountains with the blue sky through the pinus markusii trees’ cavity. This area is also used by Meteorological Department of Thailand for calculating the sunrise and sunset time. After being happy with the sunrise, furthermore, travelers have more time to visit prehistoric cave paintings.

Miracle of Nature at Sam Phan Bok—The name “Sam Phan Bok” came from an appearance of 3,000 units (“Sam Phan” in Thai) of pond being around here, and the word “Bok,” derives from Laos language, means “pond.” Travelers can visit the fantastic beauty of this place between January and April when the level of water in Mekong River decreases. These gigantic reef rocks are located in Ban Pong Pow, Lao Ngam Sub-District, Pho Sai District. This place is also called “Grand Canyon of Siam.”

Kaeng Sapheu is located in Mun River near Pibun Mangsahan District. It is the overlapped of big and small reef rocks flew through by a current which is produced the beautiful white foam over the tide. The reef rocks are apparently and beautifully shown up when the level of water decreases during January – May. Songkran Fastival at Kaeng Sapheu is a very famous activity for travelers.

Sang Chan Waterfall, is sometimes called Namtok Long Ru (Waterfall through a Hole), is a small waterfall in Khong Chiam District. This amazing waterfall derived from a scouring of waterfall to sandstone, it, then, became a big hole and it let the waterfall flow through; it is looked like moonlight is shining. When the waterfall hit the beneath water, it also splashes into a wonderful shape of heart. At below area, there is a cave which is suitable for camping during the end of rainy season to the beginning of winter.

Pay a Respect to the Buddha, Worship the Holy Items in Ubon Ratchathani

Pra Chao Yai Indra Plang is an important sacred Buddha image in the attitude of subduing Mara of Maha Wanaram Temple or “Wat Phra Yai”. The temple is the respectable by people in Ubon Ratchathani; it was built by Thao Kam Pong, the first ruler of the town. The temple is located on Sappasit Road, Nai Mueang District, Mueang District.

Worship the city’s respectable Buddha Image at Sri Ubon Rattanaram Temple or Wat Sri Thong; Phra Kaew Busarakham is an image of the Buddha in the attitude of subduing Mara, it was sculptured from topaz in Chaing Sean style in the reign of King Rama IV. Luangpu Man Phurithatto, the master of Thai Forest Tradition, went into priesthood at this temple following his former instructors in order to trust and encourage in the religious teaching, and to remind the path of practices.

Worship the holy relic at Wat Phra That Nong Bua, this temple was built in 1955, the highlight of this temple is Sri Maha Pho Chedi; the Buddha Relic Pagoda imitated the original Buddha Kaya Pagoda from India and added more the glass wall around the pagoda. The temple is located on Dharmawitee road, Muaeng District; it is 3 kilometers away from the city municipal.

There are many interesting tourist attractions in Ubon Ratchathani waiting for travelers to recharge their energy from beautiful natures and to glow with happiness by worshipping the holy places. Going to Ubon Ratchathani, the easternmost of Siam, is a worth trip that travelers should visit once in a life time.