Visit Natural Tourist Attraction in Champasak

If you want to think of Champasak Province in Laos, many tourists always think about Pakse city and Wat Phu, the sites as the landmark of the city. However actually in Champasak Province, there are numerous beautiful natural tourist attractions as follows.

Bolaven Plateau is the most famous coffee and tea plantation in the country that is planted with special soil from volcano. The coffee from the plantation on this plateau is strong-flavoured, scented and very tasty. If the tourists are interested, they can visit the environment in the plantation along with tasting and buying the coffee as the souvenirs. In addition to the coffee plantation, around the Bolaven Plateau, there are various home stays as tourist accommodations for learning a way of life among the splendid environment of mountain, countryside and nature around here where they can explore woods, climb and visit the waterfall especially in rainy season. The tourists also feel the fresh air in the forest and stunning pink caulokaempferia violacea flower field.

Khone Phapheng Falls, known as “Niagara Falls of Asia” is the large waterfall with many tiers and very famous in Asian continent located on large stone rapids in the middle of Mekong River. There is the succession of different level 10 meters of height.  In addition to the beautiful tourist destination, the Khone Phapheng Falls is the important residence of various rare aquatic animals such as local Khone Phapheng fish, Irrawaddy dolphin (rare breed that can live in freshwater river), Mekong giant catfish, the large freshwater fish that usually find in Mekong River and this waterfall.

Si Phan Don means four thousand islands appearing in the Mekong River That makes the site gorgeous and unique. It is also another popular place in Champasak. The interesting activity is the cruise on the Mekong River in order to visit the Four Thousand Don (islands). Moreover the visitors are able to see the way of local villager’s life that the majority is fishermen.

For the visitors who like to travel among impressive nature and peaceful environment, the Champasak Province is another choice that truly should not miss.