Visit the North Vietnam at Sa Pa, land of fairy tale in ASEAN

Today I will take you to the town with not only sea and name of cultural World Heritage Site, but also as beautiful as the land in the fairy tale which will make you feel the excitement like you are in the town drawn by an oil paint.

Sa Pa is 350 kilometers north of Hanoi and next to the border of China which means it is even closer to China than its capital city. It contains the most races of local people who live in Vietnam in which it used to be the vacation town for French people who were in colonial period.

When you step into the city, you will be surprised with the beauty of the nature that has been lovely designed such as sky, hills and rice terrace which are all distinctive making many people dream of.

Sa Pa has perfect beauty just like the drawings. It is embraced by many large and small hills, making the cool weather almost throughout the year. Hence, the plants of the town are productive and have good taste making many people fall in love.

You can expose to the perfect mix of elegant nature and culture of local people with the additional of rice terraces which look like the ladder to the heaven when look from the high angle. Its beauty meets the tourists’ eyes, and therefore it is a place where tourists wish to pay a visit its charm of colors terrace that contrast with the blue of the sky and the extensive wide calm sea that looks like the dragon will pop out from it.

Sa Pa does not have only perfect nature, but the local people are also the magic that the tourists love. The local people dress in their own colorful styles, and their colors make Sa Pa even more beautiful.

If you like photography, you should prepare your memory card since Sa Pa has hidden its beauty in every corner of the town like sky, hills, canals, streams, people, roads, houses and many other things. It can be said that you can focus your camera at everything. Even you can stop the time for only photoshooting will not be enough.

And for those who like forest trekking, this place has Fansipan, a mountain that has a height of 3143 meters from the sea level. It is a place for you to experience trekking through the forest to the top of the mountain.

Sa Pa is one beautiful mother nature’s creation for us to get in to fairy tale mode. It invites us to get away from the disturbance to offline mode, to the life within hills, the world of imagination within gorgeous nature.