Visit Pyu Ancient Cities, the first World Heritage Site of Myanmar

Pyu Ancient Cities has been announced as a cultural World Heritage site in 2015 which includes Sri Ksetra, Peikthanomyo and Halingyi that were built in the same period, 5th Buddhist Century.

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Pyu Ancient Cities of Pyu people has been long located at Irrawaddy River. It has the age of about 1,000 years old. The leftovers are palace’s remainders, stupas, brick walls, Buddha statues and ancient tombs.

Pyu people were the ones that settled down before Myanmar but in some historical text books, they say that Pyu people are 100% Myanmar. Their major job is cultivation since the area is high ground. Although there is a river that flows through but in summer it gets drought Pyu people could adapt to the terrible environment via water diversion from Irrawaddy River and other sub rivers to assist in their agriculture and they also dug the ground to keep the water that can be used in summer, this is truly wisdom of the local people.

Later, Pyu people had built the kingdom called “Sri Ksetra Kindom” which occupied most of Irrawaddy River in which the building structures, languages, arts, Buddhism and architectures were influenced from India. The center of this kingdom is at Sri Ksetra capital (Same name as the kingdom) and the civilization trace from the nearby cities, Peikthanomyo and Halingyi. The three cities made Pyu Ancient Cities which has been registered as first World Heritage Site of Myanmar.In the present, Sri Ksetra, Peikthanomyo and Halingyi do not have its greatness as it had in the past.

The only thing left is just the remains of the archaeological sites which are not taken care so well. However, the leftovers are still the proves of its past greatness and from now on it perhaps will be taken care by UNESCO and Myanmar since it is now a 1,000 years old World Heritage Site. There are more than 60,000 tourists who pay a visit at this place in each year. And as a World Heritage Site, it will attract more tourists to come to Myanmar.