Visiting beautiful and great temples in Indonesia: second to none in ASEAN

Because of the area of Indonesia that is separated into many islands, people have different nationalities and belief. However, most of the Indonesian has belief and tradition related to Buddhist temples. So, people built enormous and magnificent religious places which are second to none in ASEAN. Now, let’s see the beauty of temples in Indonesia.

Pura Besakih or Besakhi Temple is the temple that includes the most of many things. It is the most important royal temple. It has the longest history. It is the largest and the most beautiful Hindu temple. And it is located in front of Gunung Agung Volcano that is the highest volcano in Bali. So, this temple is worth a visit. Pura Besakih opens everyday 8.00 AM. – 5.00 PM.

Ulun Danu Bratan Temple is seen in most of every tour advertisement. It is called a landmark of Bali. This temple is surrounded by water on Bratan Lake riverside. And the background behind the temple is high volcano which makes the construction outstanding. But we cannot go to temple’s pavilion in the middle of the water. This temple was built to dedicate to Danu: God of water.

Pura Tanah Lot or Tanah Lot Temple is the holy temple which has been respected by many Balinese people. It is located on a small rock reef that sticks out into the sea. When the tide is falling, we can walk to the temple. It was built to dedicate to Gods and Demons of the sea in the 11th century. There are shops for local items outside the temple. It is one of the famous and most visited temple.

Prambanan Temple is one of the complete World Heritage Sites in Indonesia. It is located in the middle of Yogyakarta City. Local people call it Rara Jonggrang that means slender young woman. There is a myth narrated that a male giant proposed marriage to this woman, but she was unwilling. So, for accepting a marriage, she told him to build a thousand Hindu places of worship. The giant used magic to create them; but when they were nearly completed, she also used her magic to demolish. The giant was angry and cursed her to be a stone. He turned it to a sculpture and kept it in this place. Prambanan Temple is a Hindu religious place that shows us a marvel and a strong power of faith. It is believed that this temple is the residence of the great three Gods of Hinduism.

Borobudur is a cultural World Heritage Site and one of the famous tourist attractions of Indonesia. This Buddhist place was formed with the power of faith of Srivijaya people in order to be an anchor of Buddhist people. It was built into pyramid shape 10 tiers high by volcanic rocks. There are 72 bell-shaped pagodas. Each of them contains Buddha image and was located around main pagoda from 7th to 10th tier. The big lotus-shaped pagoda that is located on the top is a substitute for Buddha in Theravada branch. Below pagodas exist many beautiful and well-arranged stupas.

The belief of what they respect shows us enormous, beautiful and elaborate religious place. For person who is attracted by this style of tourism, do not miss to go there. You should look for a chance to visit temples in Indonesia once in your life, to start a journey for worship to get a good fortune and to appreciate the power of faith.