Visiting To Malaysia Tourism Festivals

There are many different strategies to promote tourism in another ASEAN countries. To promote only the tourists attraction places is not enough for making new tourists attention in recently. So, if there is another activity that support together with the tourism festivals or a unique fun fair, it will make tourism more attractive as in Malaysia. There are many festivals to introduce as following details;

Gran Fondo New York (GFNY) – Gran Fondo New York is an international cycling marathon which held by GFNY company and supported. This is the first time for an international cycling racing will be held in Malaysia. This is a good opportunity for participants because this race is open for is open to cyclists of all levels; from amateur cyclists to professional cyclists, for Malaysia people to foreigners; to experience a cycling activity. The event is a one day race with a long distance or marathon. The start and finish of GFNY Malaysia is in Tambun, Perak, where the course will wind through lush rainforest and along limestone hills. The route stretches 160km for Gran Fondo Race and 80km for Medium Fondo Race. Each rider has to ensure that his/her health condition is sufficient for the event.

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Malaysia Coffee Fest – Malaysia Coffee Festival held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) to be gathered between the coffee lovers to come together to appreciate the best in coffee with the various famous international ballista and exhibitors. There are many competition held at this festival and many exhibitors also provide for everything about coffee and coffee business equipment and accessories including various coffee roasts. All of these is for coffee lovers both Malaysian and foreigners.

Ipoh Picnic Day – Ipoh Picnic Day is the biggest food festival in Perak and will be held in Ipoh, Perak State. This event showcases an array of over hundred food and merchandise stalls including celebrity vendors, fashion vendors, food trucks, marching band formation and the stage entertainment all day. The event is looks like a big market and fun fair. For stage entertainment, there are mini concert from many popular bands and also celebrities. This is also be the highlight of the event as well and be a memorable experience for all.

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Tambunan Food and Cuisine Festival – Tambunan Food and Cuisine Festival is a one – day event which held at Pisompuruan Square, Tambunan, Sabah. The main highlight for this event is the featuring traditional cuisine and fusion cuisine with both savory and sweet menu. Some famous local foods that currently find it difficult to eat as traditional but you can taste in this event. Whereas fusion food also popular among the food lovers. It such a good memorable for all.