Visiting Market at Kualalumpur Malaysia

One of the most attractive place for learning culture and local life is market which is interesting in Malaysia. In the other hand, there is lots of unique characteristic market worth-visiting by these following

Central market is a huge market located in a heart of Kualalumpur. It is a place which the culture is sent by ancestor for a decade. This market established in 1888 to sell fresh stuff but nowadays it is praised to be an important place worth-conserving of this country. The tourists go to this market to buy arts, handmade stuff, kerbaya dress, blackout lift, batik and traditional souvenir. There is also an art show and cultural activity around this market. Especially in festival, this area has so much crowd and colorful that present about diversity culture and origin of Malaysian people.

Night market at Pataling Street is colorful nightlife in china town of Kualalumpur. There are many stuff to buy with crowd and colorful atmosphere such as accessories, clothes, souvenirs and etc. The most important thing is lots of street food which some is traditional restaurant for decade especially Chinese restaurant. In another part of Petaling Street, there is an ancient temple “Sueshuyuan” built with beautiful Chinese architecture so tourists can visit in this temple. And also there is another interesting temple named Srimahariam temple which is Hinduism you can walk there from china town.

Chaokit market is in the north of jalan tuanku abdul Rahman Street which has a large umbrella in Kualalumpur. Lots of tourist and local people go there for buying seafood, vegetable, fruit and recipe fresh from farmer. Therefore, this market is for those who like clothes, shoes, traditional dress at negotiated price.

You can get new experience by going to market which is different from beautiful traveling place but the market in each country have some attractive unique point of their own to feel.