Vung Tau Place for Fresh Air in Vietnam

Vung Tau is a city coast located in Ba ria province in Vietnam. Once in history this place is a relaxing place for soldiers in Vietnam’s war. Vung Tau’s sea is not as beautiful as other place but it has unqiue activity and night places such as hotel, bar, restaurant and good atmosphere.

Recommendation of place in Vung Tau

Longhi village is a fishing village far from Vung Tau just for 15 kilometers. It has clear sea for swimming or taking walk to feel local life. Therefore, it is shrine of this village at Dinh Co temple hinding place in the mountain. This big temple was built to take an honour of young girl who was put from sea around 200 years ago. You can’t miss tasty seafood at restaurant along a beach.

Back beach is popular in Vung Tau with canvas sea bed along the beach for relaxing, sunbathing and feeling free. If you get bored, so let’s do adventure activity like kite surf and wind surf. In the other hand, there is also a traditional breakfast Banh cuon whish is serving every hotel. At night, the atmosphere is full of people in restaurant, club, bar and hotel along the beach.

Linh Son Co Tu temple was built in 1919. It is an ancient temple in Vung Tau with its outstanding architecture which is a sculpting lotus as a rooftop decorating with 100 Buddha statues. Inside of this temple has a statue of Vishnu by Hinduism belief in that time. Therefore, outside of this temple has lotus graden with green field making you feel relax to take a little walk.

So Vung Tau is for relaxing in fresh air on weekend to tourists who like sea’s atmosphere including quiet sea and a crowd coast. There is lots of water’s activity and also another tourist attraction like temple, village, and mountain for you to change your feeling.