Walking, Eating, Traveling upon the three associated roads of culture at Songkla City

If you prefer travelling as same as having food and also be crazy in the ancient architectures, today we will take you in the slowly and plain life. Let’s flash back to the previous times together at Songkla, the happiness city. By walking around through the ancient city area, just walking more and more, so don’t waste the time let’s go travelling out hurriedly toward to the ancient times.

The ancient zone of Songkla which we’re going to walk around, to eat delicious food, to go chilling out, is located at Boryang sub-district covering the three associated roads; Nakhornnork Road, Nakhornnai Road and Narng-ngarm Road. The roads are along parallel to each other, divided with the buildings. On the three friendship roads have the remarkableness of the beauteous architectures. The old town and charming Chino-Portuguese houses give the different feelings. The aged joss houses, Chinese temple, are alongside the communities for a long time, included the charming of the old centennial buildings attract the tourists both Thai and foreigners and alo Songkla people in another districts must get round to for strolling, and go sightseeing the city views at the road of culture continuously.

Importantly, as the area of three high streets is famous about the delicious food so don’t miss anything. About the eating around here is very famous as well as the city’s resplendence. Moreover, on this streets are available of the local food in Chinese style. A lot of noodle restaurants are alternatives, all of them is confirmed in excellent taste. Especially for the one who is fatuous in the ethnic food at the three culture roads represent the authentic atmosphere of initiator and the original taste for trying. Starting with the domestic dish, “Taokua” which is the heavy meal and it certainly can be the main course. You can find this dish at the popular Aunti Juab, the owner of the originated restaurant. The restaurant direction is very easy to go because everyone in the city has known her and the restaurant very well.

For sweets fans must taste “Bootoo”, the Muslim regional sweets which is more difficult to find to eat recently. Moreover, come to Songkla must have “Galorji”, the crispy fried powder which is the cracking outside and glutinous inside, sugar and sweet-smelling nuts mixing. When you think about it the hungriness starts working immediately. Finally, on the food road with the dessert dish, there are various kinds and different colors of ice-cream. For example, green bean ice-cream, ice-cream in a water jar and Jew ice-cream which is the original of frozen egg ice-cream.

The charm of architectures which blends the way of living divisibly, made the happiness Songkla city becomes be fascinating and is extreme appropriate for visiting as well. Let’s walk in a preoccupied air and let your eyes feel free with the previous times aura. Then slowly touching in the sweet era which hide underneath the antiquated food savor and the old buildings are the homely activities which lead us confront with the enormously happiness.