Welcome winter with spicy ASEAN foods…. Don’t miss.

When the weather is cold, spicy soup help warm you up. In ASEAN, there is a menu for delicious spicy soup to serve visitors especially special 4 recommended menus as follows.

Tom Yum Kung – Thai Foods


Tom Tum Kung is the most famous of Thai foods with unique spicy taste together with sour and fair salty.

The main ingredients of Tom Yum King are fresh shrimps or banana shrimps and straw mushrooms. The other ingredients are seasoning and herbal such as chili, galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. Those herbal ingredients not only are used to deodorize the strong smell and provide wonderful taste but also includes medicinal properties as well for example they help relieve excessive gas in the stomach and have a good appetite. Besides, Tom Yum Kung not only makes you full, but makes you healthy because it is full of nutrients. That is an important reason why tom yam kung is noted as the number one of Thai dishes and has been popularized around the world.

Laksa or Curry Laksa  – Singapore Foods


Laksa is famous food in Singapore and originated from combination of Chinese and Malaysian cuisine by having noodle as Chinese cuisine and adding spicy seasoning in the soup as Malaysian cuisine.

Laksa is categorized into 2 groups based upon the soup base employed in its recipe, the first one is curry coconut milk and the second is sour asam. Laksa seems to Thai noodle but its soup is spicy and added curry coconut milk made it likes curried noodle soup. The main ingredients are dried salted prawns, chili, boiled shrimps and cockles. If you are a seafood lover, you don’t miss it.

PHO – Vietnam Foods


Pho is a popular dish in Vietnam. It is similar to Thai noodle but noodle type, soup and side dishes are different.

Deliciousness of Pho depends on used noodle because original noodle is soft and chewy and not bunch. Besides, the bowl of Pho consists of meat, primarily made with beef or pork or fish. The obvious difference between Pho and Thai noodle is Pho always served with sauce. This sauce is made from shrimp paste, fried chili and hoisin which mixed with garlic, chili and lime.


Chicken Soup – Laos Foods


Chicken Soup is popular food in Laos. As Laos shares border with Thailand, Laos culture is similar to Thai culture like spicy soup which is Chicken Soup. The main ingredient is herbal or local vegetable, namely lemongrass, mint, garlic and onion. Its taste is sour and spicy from lime and chili. Comparing to Thai Foods, it likes Tom Sap.

All above 4 menus are a spicy food in ASEAN and suit to have them in the winter to warm you up besides tasty. These 4 menus are not to be missed.