Xin Chao to Hue, a Historic city and a World Heritage Town Touring EP.1

Hue, a world heritage of culture, a small city is located at the central of the country which has a long and very important history of Vietnam. A main large river, Perfume River crosses the city of Hue making beautiful scenery and also being the significant part of Hue people’s way of life. With the architectures’ esthetic are remarkable and the art and cultures are shown impressive civilizations to have seen the greatness in the past. The recent Hue became a major tourist destination which the travelers always come for visiting.

Imperial Enclosure / Forbidden Purple City: The Forbidden City, a great palace which remains a decoration and graciousness passing through the past till the present. The imperial city was built by Gia Long who is a primary emperor of Hue. It is the royal residence of 13 kings of Nguyen Dynasty which was built regarding to Chinese believe surrounded with three layers of the wall.

At the huge exterior wall, also called Kinh thành, there are ten of entrances and also has a watch-tower of each doorway. When walking through inside, you will see the canon of nine gods or also called Kunn Thanh Gong which means the five elements and the four seasons. Then, it is the middle wall or also called a yellowish wall which encloses the city, palace, temples and flower gardens with four doorways. An important entrance is a meridian gate or also called Ngo Mon which we must pay for ticket to enter to the next. This is a sign gate of the Imperial City which at the first time was built with granite in the dynasty of the king Minh Mang. When reached to the interior city wall, walking cross over the golden water bridge, you will meet with Taihou Royal Palace which the place for greeting among the superior athelings, the guests of the royal, the diplomats, including using for an important celebrating. In the part of Điện Càn Thành is a prohibitive zone which sets apart for only kings and scion of a royal house. Nowadays, however it is the vital tourist attraction.

For visiting in the museum of gathering the royal equipment and throne hall zone is one of the highlight of taking a photo which you don’t miss it. Besides, there are a lot of temples which are constructed for devoting to nobilities in the Imperial City. The most important temple is The Mieu that remains the esthetic and also is the position of the royal label of nine reigns as well.

When traveling to Hue but miss for visiting at the Imperial City, it seems you are not reach to Hue.

As said above is just a quarter of its niceness, there are many places of Hue that not mentioned above like the historical sites, cultures and natures which we will keep continue to this in the EP.2. The attractive places are pleasing as well as in the first part.